What is an Aura/Chakra?

The definition of aura is as follows: The pulsating field of energy which surrounds living things. It's an energy field perceived as surrounding the human body which aura analysts describe as a cloud of light that radiates from a person, rather like the phosphorescence of some sea creatures.

The definition of chakra is as follows: Any of the body’s 7 energy centres, which act as “relay stations” for the flow of Life Forces and create a luminous energy field. This energy field is known as an aura that reflects the body’s energy. Illness is viewed as the result of block or restriction in the flow of the body’s energy, which requires chakra balancing.

It should be noted that these definitions come from an online medical dictionary. These are proven energy fields that affect our entire health and well being. When our energy is blocked or misaligned we have dis-ease. This dis-ease can result in chronic diseases or illness.

aura example Here's an aura/chakra photo. The main aura color in this photo is orange - that is the color that aligns closest to the body. This also shows a right dominance which means that the subject has a stronger male active side - that is stronger than the left passive female side. The brightness in the heart area shows that the heart energy is very strong now - the person is harboring intense emotions in their heart area. Dark muddy green on the left indicates extreme sensibility and easily hurt feelings; while the bright green on the right indicates open-hearted, friendly nature and loving attitude. This person would typically get along well with everyone and radiate a pure, healing energy.


This chart shows the basic personality traits of main aura colors:

aura meanings

Now let's look at the chakras with this example. These are the energy centers.

chakra exampl

Crown Chakra. Located top of the head. Intuition, sprituality & enlightenment

Third Eye Chakra. Located between the eyes. Intuition, vision, artistic & creative

Throat Chakra. Located at throat. Communication, speech, social abilities, verbal & emotional expression

Heart Chakra. Located at the heart. Unconditional love, self-love & forgiveness

Solar Plexus Chakra. Located at solar plexus. Personal power, creative & intellectual thoughts

Naval Chakra. Located below the naval. Creative, productive & emotional expression of life energy

Base Chakra. Located at the end of the spine. Life energy, physical activity, emotional strength, will power & sexuality


In this example the subject has small and undefined base, naval and crown chakras; while the throat, heart and thrid eye seem to be round and full. Their chakra report shows that they have low life energy (base); low productivity (naval); and they need more fun in their life (solar plexus). They have average communication capabilities (throat) and intuitive abilities (third eye).

chakra size shape

Our aura/chakra imaging system takes a reading of your entire energetic system and puts out an in-depth graphic report. This is achieved through a hand sensor and camera which captures these energetic fields. The following are just a couple of the additional graphs and statistics that will also come in the report.

aura size graph

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