What is the Harmonic Egg?

The Harmonic Egg is a wooden chamber designed to create an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance. As energy vibration builds within the chamber, it connects with the participant’s autonomic nervous system to allow the natural healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Dimensions: The Harmonic Egg is 11’ x 11’ wide and 7’ high. Clients recline in a zero-gravity chair inside the chamber. 

Specifications: The Harmonic Egg is constructed of wood and incorporates sacred geometry. The egg-shaped chamber uses a dodecahedron shape on the outside and is smooth on the inside. The platform for the chair is a hexagon and the egg shape promotes 360 degrees of healing.

egg blue glow

The Sensory Experience: The Harmonic Egg delivers sound and light therapy. The Egg includes a sophisticated sound system and lights that can change color as desired. The Harmonic Egg also includes the proprietary music composed and produced to maximize resonance within the chamber. Both light and sound can be adjusted and customized to best address your health and wellness.

What are light and sound therapies?

According to Einstein, every living thing produces an electro-magnetic field. On the basis that our bodies resonate at freequencies in this field, when we are out of balance or blocked, we develop dis-ease in the body. Light and sound therapy use vibrational healing as a drug-free and touch-free therapy to help bring the body back into balance and restore wellness. Data suggests that lightt and sound therapy balance the Autonomic Nervous System, detozes the body, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and clears trauma at a cellular level.

The resonant frequency used by the Harmonic Egg has an ability to detect the vibration of your body and any imbalance. That imbalance is harmonized with the exact opposite frequency.

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